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Life at byrd

It is all about people.

Always is and always will be. To us, people matter more than anything and we care about those we work with and those we serve. We are here to create remarkable experiences and we aim to get things done, but not at the expense of people.

Company culture matters.

At byrd, we know that our most valuable resource is our people – a colourful mixture of entrepreneurs, techies, sales geniuses, word jugglers and technology experts who understand the big picture.

As we have grown throughout the years, our culture has remained steadfast. At its core? We aim to deliver customer enthusiasm, we are team-oriented, we communicate solutions and we build on trust. Company culture that is built upon shared passion, camaraderie and collective hard work, is what is enabling us to pursue our mission; revolutionising the logistics industry.

Nowadays, nearly every company says that they work smart, not hard. We do both. But it is also much more than just that. We tirelessly work on maintaining a supportive and inclusive environment where every employee feels welcome, appreciated and involved in collaborative activities that bring the best out of us. Above all, we nurture respect for the commitments we all have outside of work-and we build on providing trust and flexibility to attend to them.

Get to know us.

In a bid to offer meaningful insights about life at byrd, we asked our colleagues to share their stories, experiences and thoughts about how is it like to be a part of an international startup company. Start exploring, get involved with us and read the testimonies about what is like working at byrd.

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byrds of a feather flock together

Get to know us by reading the stories of our amazing colleagues and get a better insight in what it is like to be a part of a logistics startup company.
How it feels like when doubling a company twice over the course of two years

While sitting at my desk at home during another lockdown, I took some time to reflect on these last weeks, months, and years. I joined byrd nearly 2 years ago as Head of HR. The company was still quite small then, we had round about 20 employees spread over two locations, everyone knew everyone…

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Being a part of a startup company that went from 6 to 70+ employees since 2016

My journey at byrd began in 2016 before the company was founded and I actually never planned to join the startup. Let me explain – while I was doing my Bachelor at the University of Economics and Business in Vienna, byrd had given a project to a high-tech marketing class, a project course….

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Insights in byrd’s work culture, values, and identity

Allow me to take you on a mental exercise – as human beings living in a contemporary world, we are bound to spend roughly 90 000 hours at work over a lifetime, which amounts to about one-third of our total time of being alive. If we add burnout, stress, and other pitfalls caused by work imbalance to the mix…

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How I started working as a junior HR Business Partner at byrd, and why I stuck around

Most people might know what I’m talking about when I say that it’s not easy to find a job as a young professional. I faced exactly the same problem earlier last year, shortly after I successfully completed my studies. I sent out countless applications to corporate companies and startups…

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I grew up sleeping in byrd-themed
bed linen.

Well, that is what I would say if I were a professional football player who just started playing for a new team. The truth, however, is that I do not really remember when I first learned about a small company called byrd, that I would identify with 100% after only “playing” there for a little more than a year…

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This is a story of how I joined byrd
as a frontend engineer

Like any other prospective computer science graduate, I kick-started my career working as a full-stack web developer for a digital marketing agency where I spent most of my creative days building user-journey-focused websites for industry giants like Nestle and Amarex…

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An Ex-Pat’s Story

We all have our own particular career paths and I have mine. I started my career in New York City’s first big tech boom in the mid-’90s. I was a bit of a fanatic and was convinced that the Internet would completely transform society and commerce. For better or worse, it did exactly that…

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The beginning of my new journey at an
e-commerce logistics company in Berlin

“Do not go gentle into that good night…” okay I agree with you, this sounds a bit – a lot – depressing and negative. But let me explain why and how this first verse of the poem written by Dylan Thomas is one of my favorites, and how it relates to my adventure at byrd…

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Take a closer look at some of the testimonials and find out what byrdies think about our work environment, company culture, and the team.
Truth be told, your dream job is much closer than you think. Ergo, if you’re searching for a dynamic & creative work environment where your ideas and skills will be valued greatly by your colleagues, byrd should definitely be on your “career radar”. Regardless if you’re a career starter or an industry-savvy executive, learning the ropes how we go about business is both entertaining & meaningful, as you’ll always be in a supportive environment where you can develop professionally and learn, be it in Vienna or Berlin.

Žiga Zupanc LuknarBrand Manager

We don’t work against each other, but with each other. We don’t look for blame, we look for solutions. Byrd offers a healthy workplace to create great things, grow and realize your potential in a dynamic and ever-changing marketplace.

Christoph BanzoussiAccount Executive

It never gets boring at byrd! I think I never had a dull day since I joined 2 years ago. And I am not even thinking about work itself when I say that! We have an amazing team with mothers, magicians and mandolin players, cat-parents, crossfit enthusiasts and content creators, basketball fans, baking queens and board-game fans. Even in a remote setting, we keep the good vibe going and our gif game strong.

Julia SchembriHead of Human Resources

byrd is a fast-growing startup, where you face new challenges on a daily basis. What makes byrd different from other companies is that while we work hard to reach our ambitious growth plans, we are also trying to keep an atmosphere that is inviting, fun and where people like to come to work every day. It’s amazing to see what this diverse team of smart and motivated people has accomplished so far and we’re sure that our team spirit and a great atmosphere is going to make us even more successful in the future.

Petra DobrockaFounder | Chief Commercial Officer

If you think that working for a fast-growing e-commerce fulfillment startup means that everything is already streamlined and there is no room for innovation, then you would be wrong. At byrd, if you have an idea and you are enthusiastic about it, then you can implement it. Everyone is open-minded about everything new, and you always have the chance to pursue professional development & fulfillment. Flat hierarchy and a close-knit team render working at byrd enjoyable & you always go home with a smile.

Martin MiethAccount Manager

When working for byrd, you can feel the dynamic energy and the progress in the company every day. As an employee, you can really bring your ideas in and make an impact. Hierarchies are low and the contact with the founders is close and personal. Everyone is welcome!

Maryam-Sophia NabiJunior Sales Manager

“Team first” is probably the first thing you will hear when reading about byrd’s values, or having a job interview, or during your onboarding process. And it is! It is so comforting and empowering to feel valued and trusted by your colleagues, but also to be able to find creative solutions together when you need to. Coming from abroad, in a totally different environment and country, is already a challenge, but by joining the team, you’ll feel home in a blink, I can assure you!

Augustin MartinezJunior Content Manager France

It is rare to find a place where you will see high productivity with great quality, howbeit, byrd is one of them. Even though we are a customer-focused company, there is an equal value given to the employees. Trust is the main factor we have and one of our main values is ‘team is always first’ which is indeed true. Being a part of this extraordinary team is an amazing experience for me.

Mubina BhaisahebJunior HR Business Partner

At byrd, the work is all about the team and customer-centricity. That is why we have values such as „deliver customer enthusiasm, nothing less“ and „team first“. Moreover, we put a lot of emphasis on trust and accountability. This makes the work at byrd an enjoyable experience with a very diverse and motivated team that is passionate about revolutionizing the e-commerce logistics industry.

David MirzaeiHead of Marketing

Working in an environment that allows people who just started their career to contribute ideas and implement them from day one, was one of the promises that made me join byrd. Oddly enough, I was super surprised when it turned out to be not just an empty promise as is often the case. Flexibility, trust, and the collaborative approach make working here fun and an enjoyable experience. I know it sounds cheesy, but I doubt there are a lot of companies that have a comparably positive culture.

Phillip PitschMarketing Assistant

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