Our prices are composed of service, packaging and shipping. We would be more than happy to prepare an individual offer for your requested demand.


All prices exclude VAT


Storage and warehouse management

Items can be stored at both locations in Vienna or Berlin. The number of storage spaces can be increased or decreased monthly. We have neither minimum quantities nor standardized contract periods.

Acceptance of goods

Including control of apparent damages

  • EUR 4,00 base per delivery

plus per each delivered unit

  • EUR 2,00 per pallet
  • EUR 1,10 per box

Inbounding of goods

Including quantitative control

  • EUR 0,06 per SKU-item if the box / pallet only contains 1 SKU or product
  • EUR 0,09 per SKU-item if the box / pallet contains boxes with only 1 SKU (i.e. mixed pallet)

Mixed deliveries (different SKUs in one box) are charged EUR 0,20 per SKU-item.


  • Per pallet EUR 12,00 per month (max 120cm x 80cm x 180cm)
  • Pro shelf space EUR 3,50 per month (50cm x 45cm x 33cm)

No mixed storage possible, every SKU is stored in a seperate shelf space or pallet.

Picking and Packing

Our packaging experts in the respective warehouses ensure the best possible shipping conditions thanks to high-quality materials and regular training.

The fulfillment process consists of two steps. First all products contained in one order are picked, then they are packed according to customer instructions.


  • Base price per shipment EUR 0,90
  • Pick (per item within the shipment) EUR 0,35


Customers can either provide their own packaging material (in which case only the labour costs are charged) or they can source it directly from byrd.



S + L < 35 cm


EUR 0,45

Labour cost

EUR 0,55



S + L < 65 cm


EUR 0,95

Labour cost

EUR 0,90



S + L < 95 cm


EUR 1,55

Labour cost

EUR 1,55



S + L >= 95 cm


EUR 5,50

Labour cost

EUR 2,50

Packaging material includes:

  • cardboard box
  • filling material
  • tape



Labour cost includes:

  • Preparation of workspace and packaging materials
  • Professional packaging of products (inside and outside)
  • Adding of invoices / delivery slips
  • Attachment of shipping label
  • Attachment of customs documents


agreed upon individually


In addition to the transportation-secure packaging, we offer individual branding options. This includes, for example, the use of individual package tape, self-selected stickers, flyers or silk paper. These materials are provided by the customer and will be discussed individually prior to the initial order. For this service we charge a branding fee per package:

Additional services

Additionally, we offer individual services such as returns management, cash on delivery, oversize shipping, higher insurance, express delivery etc. Please contact us for a personal offer.


We process large quantities of shipments according to your personal requirements, regardless of whether it is a crowdfunding project, a marketing campaign or goodies for a competition. Request an individual offer for the processing of your order.

Shipping costs

We ship parcels worldwide and work with various logistics partners to always offer you the smartest price for each shipment. Depending on the size, weight and destination of your shipment, we will select the appropriate shipping option for you.

Send more, pay less

The more you send, the cheaper our service will be.
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