E-commerce fulfillment in Spain with byrd

Discover the benefits of smart logistics and how our fulfillment center in Spain can help your e-commerce spread its wings

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Your 3PL partner in the Spain

E-commerce in Spain has doubled its volume of business in the last 5 years and with 30 million online shoppers in 2021, the country is among the leading markets for e-commerce in the EU and abroad. 

The market is becoming more and more attractive to online merchants from all over the world; the reason is the purchases via internet and e-commerce are on the rise. In fact, the growth of the Spanish e-commerce market outpaced those of other European countries like Germany, France, and the UK. Additionally, the customers are leading the way in Europe for cross-border purchases.

With our smart 3PL warehouse network, we enable online merchants like you to quickly ship to and serve the Spanish market in an efficient and cost-saving manner. In other words, we offer the best e-commerce fulfillment in Spain. While a smooth delivery process is key for e-commerce globally, reliable and seamless shipping is the most important factor for e-commerce in Spain. So what are you waiting for?

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Ship from our warehouse in Spain and reach your customers more effectively

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Spain has become a popular starting point for several companies from Latin America and Africa. Entering the continent becomes easier from the Spanish ports and gives the opportunity to expansion throughout Europe. 

Thanks to the strategic location of our warehouse and our collaboration with reliable parcel courier companies such as Correos we assure you that your products will reach your final customer.

Your Fulfillment Solution To Scale In Spain

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Take a virtual 360° tour of one of our fulfillment warehouse in Spain

byrd warehouse in Spain is equipped with the latest racking systems and pallet spaces and meets the highest industry standards.

To take a virtual tour of our warehouse located in Madrid, we invite you to click and drag the cursor to use the 360° function. Or if you prefer, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. And if you want to move around the warehouse click on the green arrow icon.

Warehousing services & qualifications

Through our warehousing and 3PL services in Spain we make sure your products are ready for shipment.

Picking & Packing

We know that speed is important and for this reason, all orders are picked, packed and dispatched on the same day. Beyond the assembly of your orders, we offer customized packaging options, an extremely valuable tool to improve your brand awareness.

The packaging materials used in our warehouses include:

  • Filling material
  • Bottle packaging
  • Mailing bags
  • Bubble bags
  • Bubble wraps 

packaging process


We have the following safety and environmental protection certificates:

  • HACCP System
  • Dangerous goods
  • LQ Handling
  • Alcohol handling

Speciality Fulfillment Service in Spain

Our 3PL warehouse in Spain is fully compliant with EU regulations. It is equipped to store dangerous goods, as well as fragile products and bottle handling.

  • Labeling (barcodes)
  • Refurbishing of returns
  • Cleaning of fashion products
  • Disposal of special handling products
  • Pallet shipping
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Access next-day delivery with the top logistics companies in Spain

Did you know that customer loyalty is related to logistics? This is why selecting he right  parcel delivery company is essential for your online business.

More than half of online consumers consider it reasonable for deliveries to be made within a maximum of 3 days. For this reason, we work with the best international and Spanish logistics companies to ensure that your products arrive on time and in good condition to your final customer.

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Worldwide shipping from Spain

Would you like your Spain-stored products to reach every corner of the world? Our strong Europe-wide network of shipping providers can do just that - and enable you to arrange the most cost-effective deal on every delivery.

Having a large number of long-term logistics partners comes with many benefits. For one, thanks to their combined know-how, customs clearance will never be an issue again. You will also stop being susceptible to logistical bottlenecks during peak times and unexpected issues such as strikes.

Find the most cost-effective courier and get the best solution for yourself and your customers.

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Special Spanish delivery services

How do you become distinctive from the rest of the online stores and at the same time offer unique delivery options? One option can be having special shipping options. So far, we know that 74.4% of online shoppers value free shipping, 61.1% appreciate the delivery time and 57.3% value the tracking of their purchase. Taking this into account, we offer different delivery options for your ecommerce:

  • Standard shipping: National and international
  • Economy shipping: National and International
  • Express shipping (next day delivery): National and international

Fulfilll Your Potential

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Cloud-based e-fulfillment in Spain

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With the help of byrd you can delegate, manage and optimize your entire e-commerce logistics. Digital interfaces to various e-commerce systems enable a fully integrated fulfillment solution and automated order processing. With logistics warehouses in Spain and access to our international fulfillment network, you can run a successful e-commerce business and offer your customers fast, reliable, and worldwide shipping.

We take over the entire fulfillment: 

  • Warehousing: Storage on pallets or shelves with real-time inventory updates that help you improve your supply chain.
  • Pick & Pack: Assembly of your orders, adequate packaging with individual branding, so that your order is ready for dispatch.
  • Worldwide shipping: Worldwide shipping at attractive conditions. We take care of customs clearance and all other related formalities.
  • Returns Management: We take care of quality management and the restocking of returns.

Why you should trust your order fulfillment in Spain to byrd

We are a 3pl company expert in e-commerce logistics. Thanks to our warehouse in Madrid we help you deliver your products in Spain, Portugal and all over Europe. Discover how much you can grow your business in Spain and access our international fulfillment network. Are you ready to offer your customers fast, reliable and worldwide shipping?

What our customers say

BYRD has provided their professional service during our cooperation. The account manager is always present and offered immediate support when needed. In general it's such a great experience with the company!
— Rituals
As an e-commerce start-up, we are being active on the market with numerous modern systems. Many fulfillment service providers in Germany are still very conservatively equipped in this respect, programming of interfaces takes a long time and projects have to be announced with considerable lead time. With byrd we have found a partner who integrated our shop system in just a few minutes and implements projects at a fast pace. With the proximity to the warehouse located in Berlin and the competent service, we have found the perfect partner in byrd.
— Your Super

Join 300+ satisfied retailers

Online retailers from diverse industries, sizes and countries of origin already entrust byrd with their logistics.

Your advantages with byrd

Seamless connection

Connect to all leading e-commerce platforms with just a few clicks

Fair prices

We provide reliable services at competitive prices and flexible terms

Same-Day Fulfillment

Packages are handed over to the delivery partner the same day for orders received before 12:00

Next-Day Delivery

Your customers will receive the package the next day

Sustainable shipping

Offer climate-friendly options for your packages

Effective scaling

Gain access to new markets and grow at your own pace without taking any risk

Customized packaging

Take advantage of branding opportunities with a variety of packaging options

Customized Return Portal

With byrd's customizable returns portal, returns are no longer a problem

Our other fulfillment locations in Europe

Our fulfillment network helps your business grow, both within the Spanish online market and internationally. Our warehouse network in Europe covers all leading markets and enables you to process orders quickly and efficiently. You can use individual logistics warehouses or strategically distribute your goods to avoid delays, get closer to your customers or expand to Europe.

FAQs about fulfillment in Spain

As of 2022, byrd has, at the moment, one logistic center, strategically located in the center of the country. Our fulfillment center in Madrid is an attractive option for supplying customers in both Spain and Portugal.

Our fulfillment center offers 1800 square meters of overall storage space and is fully equipped with heavy-duty racking as well as pallet storage, enabling it to store items of all sizes even for long periods.

We work with top logistics service providers across Europe, and in particular with DHL, DHL Express, Correos, and Fedex in Spain. Our logistics partners are among the most trusted and preferred delivery services by Spanish consumers. Years of experience and a large range of services, ideal for shipping your product in South Europe and worldwide.

Your customers' expectations are high – and we are here to meet them. We offer same-day fulfillment so that shipments within Spain are delivered within 1-2 days.

Everywhere in Spain and internationally. We match the appropriate delivery partner to your needs in terms of cost and speed.

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