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Professional Fulfillment for Your Online Shop

byrd offers an e-commerce logistics software and platform that helps online shops to grow their business internationally. We provide access to a professional and strong European fulfillment network located across several countries. With byrd webshops can outsource their whole order fulfillment and concentrate on expanding their business.

Retailers only have to use a single web application in order to manage all their online orders, inventory and shipments across different warehouses in Europe. This helps them to keep a good overview of their online business activities. 

Logiciel logistique e-commerce

Meet your online shoppers’ expectations with our European Fulfillment Network

Logistique e-commerce internationale

The smart stock distribution system of byrd enables businesses to store their products in a warehouse of their choice across different countries, therefore minimizing delivery time and reducing shipping costs. The proximity to the end-consumer who ordered the product online enables companies to meet the e-commerce shipping requirements of the 21st century: free and fast delivery. This is a critical success factor for businesses. In fact, 88% of online shoppers are more likely to buy online when offered free shipping and 60% make their purchase-decision based on offered delivery options.

Meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations contributes to the satisfaction of their needs which drives customer loyalty and retention. By contrast, 45% of people who order online would not return to the same e-commerce page after having experienced issues in the delivery process, not meeting their e-commerce shipping expectations.

Turn your logistics into a competitive advantage

Most online shops struggle to meet the high standards that consumers have nowadays since they lack the resources to build their own logistics network similar to Amazon or OTTO. Moreover, they struggle with shipping in general since it is hardly scalable and most logistics processes are analogue, which makes it difficult to automate them.

byrd helps those retailers to overcome the challenges by giving retailers access to a professional and scalable logistics solution in order to be able to compete with e-commerce giants and meet their customers’ expectations

Logistique e-commerce : avantage compétitif

Automate your shipping process

byrd’s web application integrates with popular e-commerce softwares (e.g. Shopify, Shopware, etc.) and marketplaces (e.g. Amazon), which is achieved through seamless API-interfaces.

As a consequence, orders that are placed through your preferred sales channel are directly transferred to our system. This immediately initiates the fulfillment process so that we can ship the parcel to the customer right-away, without any action required by you. As a result, you can fully automate the complete shipping process of your online shop orders. 

From smart storage to worldwide shipping

We take care of your whole logistics

Stockage intelligent et décentralisé

Storage in multiple warehouses of our European Fulfillment Network on pallets or shelves with real-time inventory updates. 

Pick et Pack des commandes

Pick & Pack 
Assembly of your orders, suitable packaging with individual branding so that your order is ready for dispatch.

Expédition mondiale

Worldwide shipping at the best conditions. We take care of customs clearance and any other related paperwork.

Gestion des retours e-commerce

Return management
Optimized returns process, quality control and restocking of returned shipments.

What our customers say

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“With byrd, we have found a partner who integrated our shop system in just a few minutes and quickly implements projects. With the proximity to the warehouse, the location in Berlin and the expert service, we have found the perfect partner in byrd.”


“Thanks to byrd’s simple batch fulfillment service, our microphones could be shipped all over the world efficiently, punctually and inexpensively – without any additional effort on our part.”

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An Alternative to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Many online stores and brick-and-mortar shops choose to outsource their logistics to FBA because of its well-known brand. Although they offer low shipping rates businesses should be careful because storage is in fact quite expensive.

However, online retailers should also consider alternatives: one possibility is to outsource the order fulfillment process to third-party logistics providers which closely work together with professional fulfillment centers across countries. byrd offers such a service, pursuing the mission of giving online shops access to a scalable and professional e-commerce fulfillment solution regardless of their size. 

If you are looking for a European Fulfillment Network and an alternative to Amazon FBA, then you should consider byrd and benefit from following advantages:


Worldwide shipping

The internet makes it possible to reach your audience worldwide. byrd’s make it possible to get your products shipped worldwide. We take care of customs clearance and any other related paperwork.


Fast and cost-efficient shipping

byrd’s European Fulfillment Network enables you to decrease delivery times and costs by storing your products across multiple warehouses.


Full automation

The byrd web app is a cloud-base software that seamlessly integrates with leading e-commerce platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce and marketplaces such as Amazon. As a result, your online orders are directly imported to our system which initiates the fulfillment process.


All-in-one fulfillment software

Manage your inventory, orders and shipments in one single tool. Know what’s going on in real-time and at all times.


E-Commerce inventory management

Download your inventory report whenever you want and turn on notifications when stock levels get low in order to avoid stock-outs.

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