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We are a tech-driven third-party logistics and fulfillment company on a mission to revolutionize the logistics industry.

By building a strong fulfillment network with experienced and qualified logistics service providers, we offer online retailers access to scalable fulfillment services that enable growth and bring online retailers closer to their customers. This helps businesses to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers with regard to shipping, therefore ensuring customer satisfaction. This is made possible by combining the synergies of our international fulfillment network and the cloud-based all-in-one fulfillment software that integrates with leading e-commerce systems, offering maximum automation and transparency.

We aim to provide a powerful fulfillment solution for e-commerce that empowers online retailers to grow their businesses and enables them to fulfill their potential.

Our Vision

Setting a new standard for e-commerce logistics by offering a scalable fulfillment solution to online shops – regardless of their size.

Our Mission

To build the largest network of connected warehouses which are interconnected via our technology.


Our Philosophy & Values


We deliver customer enthusiasm

We are here to create remarkable experiences. We get things done. Above all, we have passion for what we do, and we aim at delivering customer enthusiasm, nothing less.


We are team-oriented

People matter more than anything. We care about those we work with and those we serve. We are all about building trust-based relationships and establishing win-win partnerships. We care about results, but not at the expense of people. Team comes first, everything else second.


We communicate solutions

Our curiosity sparks an endless appetite for learning. We can always be better and do better. Because of that mindset, we focus on communicating solutions, not problems, and we embrace mistakes but do not repeat them.


We build on trust

Trust is our foundation, so everything that we do should build trust. We take charge and show accountability on all levels and fronts.





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We asked our colleagues to share their stories, experiences, and thoughts about our culture and values. Start exploring, get involved with us, and read the testimonies about what it’s like working at byrd.

The Founders


With the rise of companies offering free shipping, free expedited shipping, hassle-free returns and other perks of online shopping, consumers have become more predisposed to buy items online. With that the trend of customers expecting near immediate results skyrocketed as well. In turn, small online shops faced the challenge of competing against established e-commerce giants and for them it was simply unrealistic to build its own logistics network that is in the position to match the quality and speed of services from the leading e-commerce Goliaths.

By aspiring to overcome this challenge we soon birthed our vision to build an international network of fulfillment locations and shipping partners that gives every online merchant access to a powerful logistics platform. Through such empowerment, we could aid all online merchants to utilize the logistics technology to manage and exceed customer expectations.

As the founders, we initially aimed at leveling out the playing field in e-commerce, but ended up on a mission to revolutionize the logistics industry with an amazing team of professionals with a passion for taking the e-commerce logistics to the next level.

The Management

Alexander Leichter
Chief Executive Officer

Sebastian Mach
Chief Technology Officer

Petra Dobrocka
Chief Commercial Officer

Annemarie van Leijen
Chief Operations Officer

The Team

Abdul-Gafar Ajetunmobi
Working Student Tech
Football lover and fitness enthusiast

Martin Albrecht
Account Manager
Lives by the quote “if you’re afraid to fail, then you’re probably going to fail”

Marah Al Hasan
Junior Customer Integration Manager
Future Business Operations aficionado with a passion for sustainable fashion

Ravi Anand Kumar
Frontend Developer
Software engineer and a fitness freak

Florian Aschenbrenner
Head of Platform & Infrastructure
Composing platforms and music

Stefano Baldan
Senior Frontend Engineer
Digital craftsman, mandolin player and occasional fencer

Christoph Banzoussi
Account Executive
Part-time nerd and salesmachine

Jennifer Baust
Account Executive
Travel enthusiast & passionate baker

Mubina Bhaisaheb 
Junior HR Business Partner
HR Business Partner specialised in Tech

Manuel Bitton
Account Manager

Domenick Boxler
Sales Development Representative
Sweet like candy but sometimes hangry

Ian Clark
Head of Engineering
Active-lifestyle enthusiast, tech aficionado

Ian Lee Clark
Senior Python Engineer

Petra Dobrocka
Founder | Chief Commercial Officer
Big fan of numbers, automation & dark chocolate

Florian Dopler
Account Executive

Jano Eising
Sales Development Representative
Be yourself or be nobody

Christopher Erdmann
Team Lead Account Executives
Talkative Berliner & original chatterbox

Nour Ferchichi
Pricing & Procurement Managerin
Challenge lover

Andrej Gall
Mid-Weight Android Developer & Quality Assurance
Fastest Android developer in the company

Eli Gothill
Senior Fullstack Engineer
Lives by the quote “time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana”

Eslam Hassanein

Ming-Tung Hong
Python Engineer
Being humble

Thomas Horstmann
Sales Development Representative
Curious Traveller

Hafiz Muhammad Muzammil Jamil
Technical Product & Process Support Specialist
Ambitious & driven

Bassem Ibrahim
Frontend Engineer
Software developer who loves to blog & hike

Michael Innerhofer
Head of Global Pricing & Procurement
Pricing guru and part-time magician

Eva-Marie Joyeaux
Operations Manager
Full time adventurer with a daily dose of laughter

Vedran Jukic
Senior UI/UX Designer
Design lover and coding enthusiast

Sercan Karabulut
Operations Project Manager
Lives by the quote “problems do not exist, just challenges”

Christian Kern
Team Lead Sales Operations
Sales team organizer, frisky father, soccer junkie & (one of the last) original Berliners!

Patrick Keutcha
Customer Support Agent
Happiness officer support

Sebastian Klein
Senior Customer Success Manager

Clarissa Kruppke
Team Lead Sales Development Representatives

Jelena Ladan
Senior Account Executive
Numbers & chocolate lover

Alexander Leichter
Founder | Chief Executive Officer
Technology enthusiast, rowing athlete, Cambridge graduate & European Austrian

Gianna Leonards
Customer Support Agent
Excited to find solutions, consciously creating, and always happily supporting sound system culture

Sebastian Mach
Founder | Chief Technical Officer
Technology enthusiast and passionate craftsman

Marleen Marcinek
Customer Care Consultant

Augustin Martinez
Junior Content Manager France
Creative dreamer and digital marketing  passionate

Claudia Meoli
Operations Manager
Travel addict that cooks like an Italian Mamma, loves sports where feet do not touch the ground

Marlon Mercado
Commercial Assistant
Müsli is love – Müsli is life

David Mirzaei
Head of Marketing
Passionate about growth marketing and sports

Matthew Mitchell
Head of Data Engineering & Analytics
Data, ideas and a bit of music – there’s always a way to do it, the fun part is finding out how

Maryam-Sophia Nabi
Junior Sales Manager
London enthusiast and pug mum

Ondrej Nemec
Operations Manager

Anton Obodzinski 
Head of Logistics
Challenging challenges

Michal Odnous

Amir Othman
Senior Fullstack Engineer
Enjoys nerding out on music and technology

Kira Peggau
Account Executive
Always smiling, often talking, still a good listener

Anna Petershofer
Sales Development Representative
Connecting people & solutions with an Austrian charm

Phillip Pitsch
Marketing Assistant
Creating good content is hard, one mistake can urin everything

Ita Rehbach
Customer Support Agent
Trained goldsmith, passionate photographer, life-long painter

Nathalie Rogge
Junior Human Resources Manager

Krishna Ros
Customer Support Agent
Hedonistic foodie

Philip Roth
Account Manager

Daniela Rupprechter
Junior Accountant
“Girl for everything” and a part-time unicorn

Deike Schell
Junior Human Resources Business Partner
Feel good manager

Julia Schembri
Head of Human Resources
When it comes to human resources she is a Jack of all trades and master of some

Anton Seel
Sales Development Representative
Ambitious and driven, thrives on challenge and constantly set goals for himself, to have something to strive toward

Sahil Sharma
Cloud enthusiast

Bastian Siewers
Account Manager
Always in a good mood

Florian Stiebler
Operations Assistant
Part-time packaging guru à la pack ma’s!

David Turnbull
VP Sales
Commercial leader, focusing on team leadership, strategy and innovation

Annemarie Van Leijen
Chief Operations Officer

Sinem Yazici Reese
Strategic Partnership Lead
Strategic partnerships lead & relationship builder

Felix Zietz
Account Executive
Open, direct and always trying to be a good mediator

Žiga Zupanc Luknar
Brand Manager
Art brut artist on a quest for creative marketing solutions

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