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As an e-commerce start-up, we are being active on the market with numerous modern systems. Many fulfillment service providers in Germany are still very conservatively equipped in this respect, programming of interfaces takes a long time and projects have to be announced with considerable lead time. With byrd we have found a partner who integrated our shop system in just a few minutes and implements projects at a fast pace. With the proximity to the warehouse located in Berlin and the competent service, we have found the perfect partner in byrd.

β€” Your Superfoods
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Fortunately, our Indiegogo campaign was a huge success, but how do all the products reach our supporters at once? Thanks to the simple batch fulfillment service from byrd, our microphones could be sent efficiently, punctually and cheaply all over the world – without any additional effort for us.

β€” Mikme
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With byrd, our customers get their Colombian coffee shipped as quickly as possible. On the day of dispatch, they receive an automatic e-mail with the expected delivery date and the tracking code, so they can always check the whereabouts of the package with their favorite coffee.

β€” CafCaf
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I love the practicality of byrd and that i can work with one single fulfillment provider to grow internationally. Without byrd, the shipping costs would destroy my margin.

β€” Franky Chocolate
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byrd has welcomed me with open arms from the beginning, and allows the flexibility I need for the next steps.

β€” Sattvii
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