Success factors in logistics and tax regulations to consider for EU- and UK-based online retailers

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25+ Fulfillment Centers in Europe
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Master the art of cross-border e-commerce in the EU

Optimize your international logistics setup

51% of all online shoppers dismiss buying products from abroad due to the shipping costs being too high.

Overcome cross-border and tax-related hurdles

Two third of online retailers report they would sell internationally (in 10 countries at least) if taxes were harmonized in the EU.

Understand and succeed in the post-Brexit era

Find out how can you continue selling successfully from the EU to the UK, and vice-versa.

Get ready for new VAT rules and One-Stop-Shop

Prepare your business for the e-commerce VAT package, which will, in principle, enter into force on July 1st 2021.

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Guide to Cross-Border E-Commerce in the EU at a glance

About the ebook:

This e-book serves as a comprehensive guide for cross-border ecommerce in the EU and its aim is to help online retailers overcome the challenges and help them to scale internationally. Written by byrd, a tech-driven fulfillment service provider, and Taxdoo, an automated VAT processing service provider for e-commerce, this e-book will help you find answers to the following questions:

  • How to optimize international shipping to reduce logistics costs and improve delivery times
  • What tax issues to consider for cross-border storage?
  • Which are the preferred delivery options in Europe?
  • What tax issues to consider when shipping to other EU countries?
  • What to consider when selling to the UK, post-Brexit?
  • What does the introduction of one-stop stores mean for your business?

Furthermore, this ebook offers a breadth of knowledge about setting up cross-border e-commerce and navigating through tax regulations. With hands-on tips, case studies, and practical examples, this e-book covers all bases to help you scale up your business internationally. To bring your ecommerce game up to snuff, we also prepared a cross-border ecommerce checklist at the end of the guide.

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