Masterclass Series: Scaling E-Commerce Operations during Peak Season

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About the masterclass series

In this 5-part masterclass series, we’ve welcomed experts from different areas of e-commerce. We were holding insightful and practical discussions in regard to the Holiday Season in e-commerce. Whether it’s cross-border e-commerce, sustainable packaging, sufficient stock levels for realizing your growth potential, or strategies to reduce WISMO and increase retention, we’ve found experts on every topic. If you are not yet ready for peak season, we are and we will help you to be!
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Key benefits

Crossing borders and tapping into new markets

Scaling internationally during peak season comes along with new challenges: Find out how you can optimize your logistics setup when expanding to new markets and what you need to consider from a VAT perspective.

Ways to optimize your e-commerce packaging

Packaging is a crucial part of doing e-commerce and delivering goods to online shoppers. In our masterclass series you will learn how you can make sure that you order the right & sustainable packaging, at the right time and strategies to create outstanding unboxing experiences.

Scaling your business by avoiding bottlenecks

Peak season is a great opportunity for growing your e-commerce business. However, there is one major challenge that you have to face: Capital. Explore new opportunities to take on capital in a fast and flexible way, making sure that you can scale successfully during peak season.

Optimize your post purchase experience

Ask your questions to leading experts in the field of operations experience and explore how you can leverage every opportunity to optimize the post purchase experience. With a holistic approach to the whole customer journey you will find ways to gain, amaze and retain customers.

Explore our masterclasses and speakers

Automated cross-border e-commerce processes

Automated cross-border e-commerce processes – The case of international VAT compliance

About the webinar

Value-added tax (VAT) applies to the provision of all goods and services and is an integral part of the retail business. This is why VAT compliance is a key issue for online merchants. Due to frequent regulatory changes and to the high number of individual transactions that need to be processed in order to be VAT compliant, automation is key when designing cross-border e-commerce processes.

About the speaker

Courtney Pullen has many years of experience in international sales and e-commerce. As a Country Manager UK at Taxdoo, she brings online retailers and tax consultants closer to European-wide VAT compliance in e-commerce and gives an insight into Taxdoo’s services.

About Taxdoo

Taxdoo is the leading VAT solution for e-commerce companies. It has never been easier for merchants to sell their products across borders. However, in turn, they quickly become liable for VAT in foreign countries – the administrative costs and risks associated with this are an increasing burden for them and slow down international trade. Taxdoo makes VAT compliance easy, affordable, and safe. All required data is retrieved automatically through connectors to marketplaces, shops, and ERP systems. A scalable algorithm calculates all relevant figures on a daily basis, which are then filed by our own international network of tax advisors.

Everything you need to know about sustainable packaging for the peak season

Everything you need to know about sustainable packaging for the peak season

About this webinar

Sustainability is one of the hot topics in e-commerce. This megatrend is here to stay. Besides the product itself, sustainable packaging is the most visible aspect of greener e-commerce. It is the customer’s initial physical touchpoint with the product and is now often considered an extension of the product itself. As for climate-neutral shipping, more and more online shoppers are willing to pay a little extra to have a sustainable packaging solution, and various studies show that sustainable packaging increases the chances of initial and recurring purchases.

About the speaker

Magda Sowierszenko is the Head of Communications at Packhelp, a platform for ordering and managing custom packaging, trusted by +35,000 European brands. She oversees the company’s global public outreach, brand partnerships, and external communication. She’s also a Co-Founder of Remote-how, an educational platform for remote and hybrid companies. Prior to working with startups, she was working at MSL as a Public Relations Associate for clients such as P&G, Amazon, or ArcelorMittal.

About Packhelp

Packhelp is an online marketplace for custom packaging and they help all types of companies make better and more sustainable choices. More than 35 000 brands from all over Europe have already chosen Packhelp as a packaging partner.

 Secure sufficient stock levels and realise your growth potential

Secure sufficient stock levels and realise your growth potential

About this webinar

If Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas are exciting times of the year, especially in terms of sales for online retailers, it is also a very stressful period. While orders increase a lot, you need to keep the situation under control and secure sufficient stock levels for your customers to maximize satisfaction and of course, benefit from peak season to realise your growth potential.

About the speakers

Dominika Basak is a Partnerships Manager at Uncapped, Europe’s number 1 revenue-based finance provider. A Copenhagen Business School graduate, Dominika’s academic and professional background spans across banking, finance, and international business. She’s worked and consulted for some of the most exciting global startups from Booksy, Too Good To Go, and now Uncapped, where she’s helping to build the future of digital banking for e-commerce companies worldwide.

Jamie Whitcroft is Head of Strategic Partnerships & General Counsel at Uncapped, Europe’s n1 revenue-based finance provider. Previously, Jamie has worked for an international law firm Bird & Bird, and at Passion Capital, an early-stage Venture Capital fund. As one of the first employees at Uncapped and as a seasoned angel investor, his legal and financial acumen has been vital in the growth of multiple fintech and consumer startups.

About Uncapped

Founded in 2019, Uncapped is Europe’s leading revenue-based finance provider, which allows founders to raise growth capital without giving up control of their business. The company was born out of frustration with the limited financing options available for European entrepreneurs. Uncapped provides business advances of between €10k and €5m with 0% interest and no hidden charges, allowing founders to access fair and flexible finance. It makes money by charging a low flat fee which is paid back from future sales revenue.

Hassle-free e-commerce fulfillment with byrd: the case study of Primal State

Hassle-free e-commerce fulfillment with byrd: the case study of Primal State

About this webinar

As a fast-growing e-commerce company, facing a number of logistical hurdles and challenges is part of the game. When serving several European markets, the effort for fulfillment increases even more. This is topped off during the holiday season when sales volumes often skyrocket. Nicolas Martin, Founder, and CEO of Primal State takes us on a journey of his growing business, sharing challenges, learnings, and best practices in regards to logistics. He also gives honest insights into the partnership with byrd.

About the speaker

Nicolas Martin is the Founder and CEO of Primal State. Before kickstarting his own startup company, he honed his skills as a key account manager. According to Business Insider, Primal State is the 26th of Germany’s fastest-growing startups and is considered the most productive office in Germany according to business punk.

About Primal State

Primal State is a company consisting of a diverse team of scientists, psychologists, coaches, and everyday adventurers who set out on a mission more than 10 years ago. Through a combination of modern science and the wisdom of ancient traditions, they have developed natural smartfood products that bring the body into powerful balance. A motivated team and excellent products were already in place, so all that was needed was a strong partner to get the logistics right. Primal State found the right partner in byrd.

Peak season tips & real-life learnings:

Peak season tips & real-life learnings: how to reduce WISMO by 25% and increase retention by 75%

About this webinar

Customer experience continues to be a hot topic. Retailers who invest in creating enjoyable customer journeys stand out and are rewarded with loyal customers. They expect an Amazon-like shopping experience especially when it comes to post-purchase and delivery. In addition to being the most frequently asked question, WISMO requests take up valuable time for customer care. Discover how to improve processes and create a better customer experience.

About the speaker

Katharine is Head of Marketing Communications – EMEA at ParcelLab. An avid shopper herself, Katharine is particularly passionate about helping brands create end-to-end personalized customer experiences. Outside of ParcelLab, Katharine is passionate about health and wellbeing. She recently qualified as a personal trainer, coaching F45 classes in her spare time.

About ParcelLab

ParcelLab is the leading Operations Experience Management platform globally. ParcelLab brings people and brands closer together by closing the experience gap post-sales and beyond, transforming operational complexity into opportunities to outperform global brands such as IKEA, Bose, Puma, Farfetch, and Nespresso. With offices in Munich, London, Paris, and New York, they have been highlighted by the Financial Times as one of the fastest-growing technology companies in Europe in 2021.

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