How Hummingbird successfully expanded to Germany

The online shop for fast and nutrititous breakfast

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” – most of us have probably heard this sentence at least once in our lives. And yet you get the feeling that most people don’t follow this saying. The reason is obvious: it is much more comfortable to stay in bed and sleep longer instead of preparing breakfast. As an alternative, many people turn to quickly available but unhealthy alternatives, which lead to the fact that you already have your first low in the morning and lack the energy for work.

Benjamin Seer, Co-Founder and CEO of Hummingbird, started 2016 in Australia with the goal to find a solution for this problem. The company developed a nutritious breakfast for people who have little time during their working week. All Hummingbird products are free from artificial additives as well as refined sugars and can be prepared in just 60 seconds. They are suitable for on the way and are thus the perfect companion for everyone, who would like to nourish themselves better.

Hummingbird breakfast set

Hummingbird meets byrd – Expansion to Germany

In the summer of 2017, Hummingbird finally expanded to Germany with its online shop with the goal of making it easier for people there to start the day with a balanced breakfast and to help them to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

One success factor in the expansion was e-commerce logistics, which was taken over by byrd right from the start. The seamless Shopify API interface of the logistics software was one of the main reasons why the company chose byrd at that time: “The shop connection was definitely an advantage as we were working with Shopify and not all fulfillment centers were able to provide a connection to Shopify.”  Thanks to free shop integration and a free onboarding process, the entry barrier and therefore the risk of expanding their business was comparatively low.

“An important advantage is the fast processing of orders. Delivery of the order on the next day is perceived as extremely positive by our customers. Therefore this performance is critical for our customer satisfaction.“
Kathi Donaczi, Head of Marketing DACH at Hummingbird

In addition, byrd was at that time also expanding to Germany which turned out to be another advantage as Kathi Donaczi, Head of Marketing DACH at Hummingbird explains: “As a young startup it was also an advantage that byrd could adapt to individual requests and thus support us in our growth.”

Since the company was able to fully focus on growth, the number of orders increased rapidly. Without a fulfillment service provider, the large shipping volumes could not have been handled by the company itself, which would have had unpleasant consequences for end customers and consequently for the company.

E-Commerce Fulfillment as success factor

The fast fulfillment of the orders from the online shop is a crucial success factor for the company, since the customer requirements with regard to e-commerce shipping have increased over the last years, as Hummingbird confirms: “An important advantage is the fast processing of orders. Delivery of the order on the next day is perceived as extremely positive by our customers. Therefore this performance is critical for our customer satisfaction.”

This is made possible by the cloud-based software developed byrd. The in-house technical know-how simplifies the partnership between the companies. In the course of the cooperation, this also has made it possible to develop individual solutions for the growing requirements of the ambitious start-up.

Hummingbird was able to quickly scale up its business and successfully expand in the DACH region due to the fast and customer-oriented support by byrd in case of challenges or specific requests.

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