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USA, the country of unlimited possibilities, is an attractive target market for e-commerce companies, not only because of its enormous market size and high purchasing power. Rather, the open-mindedness towards online shopping and the resulting rush to online shops (more than 220 million US Americans are online shoppers), make the United States a popular destination for ambitious e-commerce entrepreneurs. The constantly increasing turnover in US online trade amounted to an incredible 365 billion dollars in 2019 and is estimated to reach 600 billion dollars by 2024.

Fulfill the high customer expectations for shipping with byrd as your fulfillment partner in the USA

With its interstate fulfillment network, byrd is going to offer your company the ability to store and ship products in and from fulfillment centers in proximity to your customers, reducing delivery costs and minimizing delivery times to end customers. Orders are processed automatically, so you don’t have to worry about storage, packaging, shipping or returns. We take care of all this conscientiously, reliably, quickly and cost-effectively. Through our strong network of fulfillment and logistics centers in Europe and the US, nationwide and worldwide shipping can be accomplished hassle-free.


Your advantages with byrd as a 3PL partner

25+ years of logistics know-how
Your products and orders are in the right hands at byrd. With international partnerships and transdisciplinary logistical competence, we are able to offer online retailers first-class fulfillment. Our logistics centers, some of which are also certified as organic warehouses, meet the highest standards and are regularly inspected in order to continuously uphold the industry standards and quality of service.

Onlineshop Integration

Cutting Edge Software
Our cloud-based technology allows you to outsource and manage your entire e-commerce fulfillment with one all-in-one software. Through standardized integrations and individual APIs, a wide variety of e-commerce systems can be seamlessly integrated in our software with just a few clicks. In this way, data is synchronized in real time and automated shipping processing is achieved.

Flexible fulfillment processes
Our technology and our business model enable us to offer individual fulfillment solutions to our customers. Having optimized scaling processes already in place, we can add new logistics partners to our network within a few weeks, enabling our clients to expand seamlessly into other markets. In addition, we also offer customized packaging and branding solutions that strengthen your brand and improve your customer’s unboxing experience.

Flexible shipping partners
Our strong European network of shipping service providers enables us to arrange the best possible deal for each customer individually. The large number of long-term partnerships enables us to be flexible with shipping service providers, rendering our customers not susceptible to bottlenecks at peak times and other problems such as strikes. Furthermore, our partners across European countries have the respective know-how and the necessary experience to deal with the different cultural and structural conditions.

Take advantage of the powerful fulfillment network


10+ logistics locations worldwide

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1 600 000+ ft² of storage space

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99.42% of shipments sent punctually

Professional cloud-based e-commerce fulfillment

With the help of byrd you can outsource, manage and optimize your entire e-commerce logistics with a cloud-based software. Digital interfaces to various e-commerce systems enable a fully integrated fulfillment solution and automated order processing. With logistics warehouses in the US and access to our international fulfillment network, you can offer your customers fast, reliable and worldwide shipping.


We take over the entire fulfillment: 


  • Warehousing: Storage on pallets or shelves with real-time inventory updates.
  • Pick & Pack: Assembly of your orders, adequate packaging with individual branding, so that your order is ready for dispatch.
  • Worldwide shipping: Worldwide shipping at attractive conditions. We take care of customs clearance and all other related formalities.
  • Returns Management: We take care of the quality management and the restocking of returns.

With byrd you benefit from bulk prices and a close cooperation with numerous shipping service providers

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Success stories


“With byrd we found a partner who integrated our shop system in a few minutes and quickly implemented projects”.

– Philipp Gronau, Head of Global Supply Chain

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Our logistics network helps e-commerce companies grow internationally. We enable you to fulfill your orders to your customers in Europe, USA and beyond, quickly and efficiently.

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