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25+ Fulfillment Centers in Europe
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Your partner for e-commerce fulfillment in Europe

byrd offers a cloud-based e-commerce logistics platform designed to help online shops to grow their business internationally. We provide access to a professional and strong European fulfillment network distributed across several countries. By storing your products close to your end customers, you will be able to shorten delivery times and lower costs for your order fulfillment in Europe.

Retailers only have to use a single web application in order to manage all their online orders, inventory and shipments across different warehouses in Europe. This helps them to keep a good overview of their online business activities.

Through a strong network of fulfillment service providers in many different countries, byrd is also able to respond individually and flexibly to your requirements and cater to your needs in order to reach optimal solutions for your business. In addition, choosing byrd a partner for your e-commerce fulfillment in Europe gives you the opportunity to test new markets with minimal risks and rapidly expand your business internationally.

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Discover our European Fulfillment Network

Benefit from our extensive network of warehouses in Europe, designed to bring you closer to your customers. 

25+ Locations

200 000+ m² Storage space

99.42% of shipments sent in time

We take care of your whole logistics

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The expectations of e-commerce fulfillment in Europe

The smart stock distribution system of byrd enables businesses to store their products in a warehouse of their choice across different countries, therefore minimizing delivery time and reducing shipping costs. The proximity to the end-consumer who ordered the product online enables companies to meet the e-commerce shipping requirements of the 21st century: free and fast delivery. This is a critical success factor for businesses. In fact, 88% of online shoppers are more likely to buy online when offered free shipping and 60% make their purchase-decision based on offered delivery options.

Meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations contributes to the satisfaction of their needs which drives customer loyalty and retention. By contrast, 45% of people who order online would not return to the same e-commerce page after having experienced issues in the delivery process, not meeting their e-commerce shipping expectations.

European fulfillment network - man carrying parcels
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VAT implications for 3PL in Europe

One of the biggest hurdles when it comes to cross-border logistics is the correct classifications regarding VAT

Any goods that you transport across EU borders are considered, from a VAT perspective, as "intra-community transfers" while the arrival at the destination country is considered an “intra-community acquisition”.  This movement of goods requires you to obtain a VAT-ID on both your country of origin and destination.

This "fictitious" delivery is generally tax-free, so you do not have to pay tax to the tax office in either country. However, you must fulfill a number of conditions

An Alternative to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) in Europe

Many online stores and brick-and-mortar shops choose to outsource their logistics to FBA because of its well-known brand. Although they offer low shipping rates businesses should be careful because storage is in fact quite expensive.

However, online retailers should also consider alternatives: one possibility is to outsource the order fulfillment process to third-party logistics providers which closely work together with professional fulfillment centers across Europe. byrd offers such a service, pursuing the mission of giving online shops access to a scalable and professional e-commerce fulfillment solution regardless of their size.

If you are looking for a European Fulfillment Network and an alternative to Amazon FBA, then you should consider byrd.

Fulfillment in Europe as a competitive advantage

Most online shops struggle to meet the high standards of today's customers, as they lack the resources to build their own logistics network similar to Amazon or OTTO. Moreover, they struggle with shipping in general since it is hardly scalable and most logistics processes are analogue, which makes it difficult to automate them.

byrds' 3PL services help retailers to overcome these challenges by giving them access to scalable logistics solutions that empower them to compete with e-commerce giants and meet their customers’ expectations.

byrd warehouse in germany fulfilling orders
byrd carriers

Get access to the top European logistics companies

With byrd you profit from bulk prices and close cooperation with numerous shipping service providers. We partner with the top European logistics companies to offer your packages at the most competitive prices. With a unique European delivery system, you can ensure that your packages are delivered the next day.

Our focus is on ensuring that the parcel service providers are of the highest quality and paying attention to their reputation and popularity in their specific regions.

Would you like your EU or UK-stored products to be shipped worldwide? With our strong network of European logistics companies, we will be able to arrange the best price for every shipment. Additionally, there is no customs clearance to worry about.

Your advantages with byrd as partner for 3PL in Europe

Seamless connection

With just a few clicks, you can connect all leading eCommerce systems

Fair prices

Reliable services at advantageous conditions & flexible prices


For orders placed before 12:00, we hand over the packages to parcel services on the same day


The package will be delivered to your customers the next day

Sustainable shipping

Send your packages with climate friendly alternatives

Effective scaling

Explore new markets without risk and grow at your own pace

Customized packaging

Take advantage of branding opportunities with numerous packaging options

Individualised Return Portal

Returns are no longer a problem with byrd. Use our customizable returns portal

byrd fulfillment software

Automate your shipping process

byrd’s web application integrates with popular e-commerce softwares (e.g. Shopify, Shopware, etc.) and marketplaces (e.g. Amazon), which is achieved through seamless API-interfaces.

As a consequence, orders that are placed through your preferred sales channel are directly transferred to our system. This immediately initiates the fulfillment process, enabling us to ship the parcel to the customer right-away, without any action required by you. As a result, you can fully automate the complete shipping process of your online shop orders.

Are you ready to take your e-commerce logistics to the next level?

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What our customers say

With byrd, we found a fulfillment provider that provides both sustainable delivery options and gets us closer to our customers with the different warehouse locations.
BYRD has provided their professional service during our cooperation. The account manager is always present and offered immediate support when needed. In general it's such a great experience with the company!

Join 300+ satisfied retailers

Retailers from diverse industries, sizes and countries of origin already entrust byrd with their logistics.

FAQs about byrds' European Fulfillment Network

Our European fulfillment network consists of 25+ warehouses strategically located across Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, and the UK. That enables you to close the distance from your end customers, achieving the ideal conditions for e-commerce fulfillment across Europe.

The expectations of your European customers are high - and we are here to meet them. Orders placed before 12:00 are picked in the assigned 3PL warehouse and handed over to our delivery partners the same day. The packages will be delivered the next day.

We work with leading parcel delivery companies all over Europe. Because of our long-term partnerships with these experienced partners, we are able to negotiate favorable conditions and pass them on to you. Additionally, due to our customers' large shipping volumes, we gain negotiating power. 

When you transfer your goods cross-border you need to have a VAT-ID both in the country of origin, as well as in the country of destination. This delivery is generally tax-free, so you don't need to pay any taxes to the tax office.

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