E-commerce Holidays Season Guide 2020

Enough with the 2020 surprises. Let’s make this holiday season count.
10+ Fulfillment Centers in Europe 

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Here’s why you should start preparing

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Half of all holiday shopping happens in autumn

50% of all online shopping for Christmas holidays will already take place in October and November.

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101% increase of deliverables 

Our data shows that retailers increase their amount of delivered items by 101%, on average, before Christmas, compared to the rest of the year.

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Online shoppers dislike stock-outs 

9 out of 10 online shoppers state they don’t want to re-engage with an online store again, once they’ve had a bad experience with stock-outs or unavailable products.

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Returns management matters

In a survey, 84% of respondents indicated that they would return to the same shop after a positive returns experience.

Christmas E-commerce Guide: 2020 Edition

Our newest edition of Christmas E-commerce Guide is here. Whether you’re new to ecommerce in 2020 or you’ve sold throughout many holiday seasons, get your store up to scratch. Our free ebook covers all bases, with insights from PackhelpbyrdMetrilo and EasyShip.

Learn how to:

  • Re-engage previous customers
  • Prepare shipping & fulfillment strategy
  • Design experience with your product
  • Learn how to switch from retail to e-commerce in no time

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