We're in this together.

And that's why we have to stick together.

The spread of COVID-19 has far-reaching effects on health, society and the economy. The pandemic also has a significant impact on retailers and e-commerce, which we have described in more detail in a blog. The coronavirus is now distributed worldwide and poses major challenges for people, which can only be overcome by working together.

We therefore asked the questions: What can we as a fulfillment service provider do to help you? 

In the last few days we have observed that many retailers are insecure and looking for solutions:

  • We see more and more retailers who are using the current situation as an opportunity to go digital. For this reason, we have launched an initiative together with the trade association in Austria to support retailers in their project.
  • Many e-commerce retailers who sell and ship internationally are worried that border controls or even closures will prevent them from serving customers in other markets, which would result in a considerable loss of sales. For this reason, they are looking for logistics companies in other countries such as Great Britain, France, USA, etc.

As an e-commerce fulfillment service provider with an international logistics network and 10+ fulfillment centers, we would therefore like to make a special offer to affected companies in this difficult situation, but also beyond:


Only now: Free setup and onboarding


Adapted, flexible contract duration

To take advantage of this offer, schedule a consulting call here with an expert from our team to learn more about scalable fulfillment services and get a price list:

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